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The Honorable Robert D. Herndon - Presiding Judge
Judicial Assistant: Barbara Brink
Judicial Clerk: Christine Zenthoefer 
Phone:   503.655.8644

The Honorable Deanne L. Darling
Judicial Assistant:  Karen Anderson
Judicial Clerk: Marlene Ward
Phone:   503.557.2841

The Honorable Jeffrey S. Jones
Judicial Assistant: Lisa Edwards
Judicial Clerk: Kelsey Herman
Phone:   503.655.8687

The Honorable Heather L. Karabeika 
Judicial Assistant: Priscilla A. Bunting 
Judicial Clerk: Kelli Gano
Phone:   503.722.2732

The Honorable Eve L. Miller
Judicial Assistant: Robyn Moore
Judicial Clerk: Bonnie Popivchak
Phone:   503.655.8686
The Honorable Susie L. Norby
Judicial Assistant: Regina M. Watkins
Judicial Clerk: Francisco Castillo
Phone:   503.650.8902

The Honorable Thomas J. Rastetter
Judicial Assistant: Patricia Clark
Judicial Clerk: Joseph Bieze
Phone:   503.655.8432

The Honorable Kathie F. Steele
Judicial Assistant: Annette Janz
Judicial Clerk: Lisa Dapron
Phone:   503.655.8678

The Honorable Douglas V. Van Dyk
Judicial Assistant: Leslie Hague
Judicial Clerk: Matt Brown
Phone:   503.655.8688

The Honorable Katherine E. Weber
Judicial Assistant: Kim Tegman
Judicial Clerk: Jered Ward 
Phone:   503.655.8233

The Honorable Michael C. Wetzel
Judicial Assistant: Wendy Prentice
Judicial Clerk: L. Sam Dupree 
Phone:   503.655.8685

Hearings Referee Kenneth B. Stewart
Phone:   503.655.8643