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Contact Us

Columbia County Circuit Court (Google Map)
230 Strand Street
St. Helens, Oregon 97051
Phone: 503-397-2327
Fax: 503-397-3226

Please note, our Business Hours have changed.

For General Information questions, such as:

  • "When is my court date?",
  • "How much do I owe?",
  • "I want to make a payment.", and/or
  • "Is there a Probate filed for a person?",

please send an email to, or call 503.397.2327 (ext 0), and for the specific subject matter questions, please refer to the primary contacts listed below.

Question's Subject Matter Primary Contact Email Address Phone Number
Jury Service Bryan 503.397.2327
(ext 324)
Violation or
Traffic Ticket
Ashley 503.397.2327
(ext 312)
Divorce or
Domestic Relations
Kim 503.397.2327
(ext 305)
Small Claims Pam 503.397.2327
(ext 307)
Landlord/Tenant or
Pam 503.397.2327
(ext 307)
Civil or
Jeanette 503.397.2327
(ext 311)
Criminal Case Karli or
Lori 503.397.2327
(ext 333 or 316)
Probate Pam 503.397.2327
(ext 307)
Name or
Identity Change
Carole 503.397.2327
(ext 314)
Treatment/Drug Court Bryan 503.397.2327
(ext 334) or 503.983.3303
Restraining or
Stalking Order
Kathy 503.397.2327
(ext 309)
Bankruptcy or
Natalie 503.397.2327
(ext 333)
Mental Health Carole 503.397.2327
(ext 314)
Accessibility Susan 503.397.2327
(ext 315)
Judge Jenefer S. Grant's
Judicial Assistant
Lori 503.397.2327
(ext 316)
Judge Ted E. Grove's
Judicial Assistant
Carole 503.397.2327
(ext 314)
Judge Jean M. Martwick's
Judicial Assistant
Karli 503.397.2327
(ext 322)
Court Calendar Scheduling JeNessa 503.397.2327
(ext 313)
General Information 503.397.2327
(ext 0)