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Victim Rights

In 1987, Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 10, the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights. This Bill provides these following rights for victims:

  • The right, if you request, to keep your address and phone number from the criminal defendant;
  • The right, if a defense attorney or his/her representative contacts you, to be told who he/she is, and that you may have a deputy district attorney present if you do decide to talk with him/her;
  • The right to a court hearing if you are harassed or intimidated by the criminal defendant;
  • The right to be informed of changes in court dates and hearings;
  • The right to be in the courtroom during the trial of the case in which you are a victim;
  • The right to appear personally or with your attorney, in addition to the deputy district attorney, and express your views at sentencing;
  • The right to have the Judge consider ordering the convicted criminal to pay a compensatory fine to you when the evidence supports such an order;
  • The right, if you request and provide the Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision with your address, to be notified of and appear at parole hearings; and,
  • The right, again if you request, to be notified thirty (30) days before a criminal is released from prison.

More information regarding Crime Victims' Rights (pdf 20 KB) can be found on the Oregon Department of Justice - Crime Victims' Services Division web pages.