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Family Law


Oregon now provides a simple, straightforward, FREE Question-and-Answer based interview process for some forms. Your answers to the online interview will automatically fill out the forms for you. Then print the forms and file them with the clerk at the Coos or Curry courthouse.

You can use eForms to:
  • Apply for a restraining order
  • Modify a restraining order
  • Dismiss a restraining order
  • Challenge a restraining order



Paper forms

You may print and fill out the following forms. Once completed, the forms should be filed with the clerk at the Coos or Curry County Courthouse.


  • Family Law Information & Resources

  • Divorce / Separation / Child Custody

  • Family Law Programs & Services in Oregon

  • Family Abuse Prevention Act - Information & Forms

  • Elderly Persons & Persons with Disabilities Abuse Prevention

  • Child Support Information & Calculator

  • Judgment for Establishing Guardianship under ORS 419b.255

  • Motion to Establish Guardianship under ORS 419b.255

  • UTCR8.090 - Certificate Regarding Pending Child Support Proceedings
    and/or Existing Child Support Orders & Judgments

  • UTCR8.080 - Instructions & Forms Regarding Statutory Restraining Orders to Prevent
    Dissipation of Assets in Certain Domestic Relations Actions

  • Procedure for Waiver of $25 Marriage Fee under ORS 106120

  • CJ Order 03-074- Social Security Confidentiality-UTCR2.100 & Related Forms