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About Us

The First Judicial District is one of 27 judicial districts in the state trial court system.  Our role is to resolve disputes according to the law, and process other legal transactions, as allowed by law.  We provide a forum for resolving disputes and for processing legal issues based on state law.

Our Values and Goals

We value:

  • Fairness, equality and integrity
  • Openness and timeliness
  • Independence, impartiality and consistency
  • Excellence, innovation and accountability
  • Respect, dignity, public service and community well-being

Our goals are:

  • Access.  To ensure access to court services for all people.
  • Administration.  To make courts work for people.
  • Dispute Resolution.  To provide options to help people choose the best way to resolve their disputes.
  • Partnerships.  To build strong partnerships with local communities to promote public safety and quality of life.
  • Trust and Confidence.  To earn the public's enduring trust and confidence.   

Our Judges

  • The Honorable Lorenzo Mejia - Presiding Judge
  • The Honorable Benjamin M. Bloom
  • The Honorable Timothy Gerking 
  • The Honorable Patricia Crain
  • The Honorable Ron Grensky
  • The Honorable Lisa Greif
  • The Honorable Tim Barnack
  • The Honorable Kelly Ravassipour
  • The Honorable David G. Hoppe

Our Trial Court Administrator

  • Robert Kleker  
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