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Jackson County Circuit Court requires some special forms for various types of filings.  If filing in Jackson County and forms are provided here, please use those forms for filing instead of the statewide forms.

Statewide Forms

OJD offers Statewide Forms (paper forms and interactive online forms), Local Circuit Court forms, forms found in Local Supplementary Rules, and Uniform Trial Court Rule forms. Go to the OJD Forms page to access the best OJD form required for your case.

Statewide Forms Image Link

Paper forms

You may print and fill out the following forms. Once completed, the forms should be filed with the clerk at the Jackson County Courthouse.

Court Records

Audio Request Form

Written Transcript Request Form


Expungement of Criminal Record / Arrest

Instructions for setting aside and sealing arrest or convictions. Please read this first.

Forms Required for Expungement of Arrest

Forms Required for Expungement of Conviction


General Civil Forms:

Civil Fee Waiver Packet



Landlord / Tenant Forms:

Residential Evictions:


FED Instructions to File Eviction

FED Residential Complaint  (PDF) (Interactive Form

FED Residential Summons

FED Writ Execution Judgment Restitution

FED Notice Restitution Noncompliance

FED Notice Restitution

FED Declaration of Noncompliance Packet

FED Motion General Judgment Dismissal

FED Proposed Judgment


FED Residential Answer

FED Hearing Request Noncompliance


Commercial Evictions:

FED Commercial Complaint

FED Commercial Summons

Return of Personal Property:

FED Return Personal Property Complaint

FED Return Personal Property Summons

FED Return Person Property Answer

Group Recovery Home:

If you are filing for return of posession of a dwelling unit in a group recovery home, use this form:

FED Group Home Complaint

If you are answering a complaint for return of a dwelling unit in a group recovery home, use this form:

FED Group Home Answer



Window Hours: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Conservator's Annual Accounting

Guardian Annual Report Form

Objection to Petition

Visitors Report Guardianship

Small Estate Packet 3

Probate Motion Generic Declaration

Probate Generic Order


Name Changes

Window Hours: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Adult Name Change Packet

Minor Name Change Packet

Name Change Objection Packet



Window Hours: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

This form is used to request to open an Adoption file for copy requests.

Please note that your signature must be notarized or witnessed by the court clerk.


Application to Open Adoption File


Small Claims


Claim and Notice of Claim  (PDF) (Interactive Forms

Defendant's Response  (PDF) (Interactive Forms)

Motion for Default Judgment

Affidavit Judgment Noncompliance

Small Claim Agreement 

Request Judgment Pursuant FED Mediation Agreement - July 2011

Small Claims Judgment

Challenge to Garnishment


Motion General Judgment Dismissal

Request Transcript Judgment

Civil Satisfaction (PDF)  (Interactive Form)

Declaration of Service and Mailing 


Restraining Orders/Family Abuse Prevention Act

Restraining Order Packet


Treatment Court Forms

Treatment Program Protocols - ADC

Treatment Program Protocols - ROC


Treatment Court Application - ADC/ROC 

Treatment Court Application - CFC

Treatment Court Conditional Discharge - ADC/ROC/CFC

Treatment Court Order Modifying Conditional Discharge - ADC/ROC/CFC

Treatment Court Deferred Sentence Agreement - ADC/ROC/CFC 

Third Party Waiver- CFC

CFC Phase Expectations

ADC/ROC Expectations 


Mental Health Court Forms

Jackson County - How To Enter Mental Health Court

Jackson County Mental Health Court Eligibility

Jackson County Mental Health Court Referral Form

Jackson County Mental Health Court Disclosure of Protected Health Information

Jackson County Mental Health Court Contract

MHC Petition - Agreement

MHC Plea Petition

MHC Waiver Ex Parte Disclosure Consent



Family Law Forms for Jackson County

To access the Family Forms specific to Jackson County please Click here


Statewide Family Law Forms

To access the Statewide Family Law forms please Click here


Oregon Judicial Department Forms

Please click here for forms available on the Oregon Judicial Department website.