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Frontal view of Linn County Courthouse

Welcome to Oregon's 23rd Judicial District

The circuit court provides service to all of the citizens of Linn County and to others who have a need for judicial services in Linn County.
Oregon Judicial Department's Mission Statement: As a separate and independent branch of government, we provide fair and accessible justice services that protect the rights of individuals, preserve community welfare and inspire public confidence.
COURTESY COPIES - Parties and attorneys should not submit courtesy copies of any documents filed with the court.  Copies of documents may be requested by calling the Copy/Archive desk at (541) 812-8770 or by email at (Copy Policy)

Restraining Order and Stalking Order

documents need to be completed and filed
by 9:30AM!
**NOTICE - September 15, 2015 - Restraining Order and Stalking Order documents need to be completed and filed by 10:00AM.  The hearings will be held at 1:30PM. **

SAVE TIME - Fill out and print RESTRAINING ORDERS before coming to
Linn County Courthouse, Room 107 by 9:30AM.
Click below to get started!

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