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Oregon State Bar's Handbook for Jurors



Length of service is approximately two weeks. You will be sent further instructions by mail, indicating what two weeks you are scheduled and when to report. You will usually serve (or be scheduled to serve) one or two days per week, unless you are chosen for a multiple day trial. You will be given attendance for each time you appear, even if you come in and are excused because a trial is cancelled.


The Linn County Circuit Court is located in the Linn County Courthouse at 300 Fourth Avenue SW, Albany, Oregon. Click Here for a map and driving directions.


You may schedule days off by filling in the Request Form or by calling (541) 967-3828 at any time day or night. If the message tape is on, you may leave a message after the tape is done playing. Simply indicate your name, juror number, and the dates you need off. LET US KNOW AS FAR IN ADVANCE AS POSSIBLE. Requests to be excused within 24 hours of appearance may be denied.

• If you leave a message asking for a day(s) off, you will not receive a call back confirming it. We will simply note that you will not be in that day(s).

• If you ask for a day off, the message tape may still indicate that your group numbers is scheduled to come in on that day(s). If this happens, do not be concerned - we know you will not be here.

The court does not collect social security numbers or other sensitive personal information from potential jurors over the telephone or by mail. If you have received a request for sensitive personal information over the telephone or by mail, you may be a victim of identity theft. Contact the jury manager (541-967-3828) and local law enforcement to report it.


You can reach the jury manager during business hours at (541) 967-3828 (or 1-888-709-5404 if calling long distance from Brownsville, Halsey, Harrisburg, Lyons, Mill City, Stayton, or Sweet Home) OR by sending an email to: