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Judges and Judicial Staff

Marion County Courthouse, 100 High St. NE, Salem:

       Honorable David Leith, Courtroom 1A
          Emma Dettwyler
          Brooklyn Santibanez
          Main: 503.588.5160
          Fax: 503.588.5117 

       Honorable Claudia Burton, Courtroom 1B 
          Donna Birch
          Megan Curry
          Main: 503.584.7713
          Fax: 503.584.7718       

        Honorable Thomas Hart, Courtroom 2A 
          Christine Fisher
          Cassie Bernier
          Main: 503.584.7749
          Fax: 503.589.3262

        Honorable Dennis Graves, Courtroom 2B 
          Nikki Hahn
          Taylor Smoker
          Main: 503.585.4939
          Fax: 503.588.5114

        Honorable Dale Penn, Courtroom 2C 
          Monica Martinez
          Kim Blades
          Main: 503.588.5492
          Fax: 503.589.3266

        Honorable Courtland Geyer, Courtroom 2D
          Kim Taylor
          Danielle Pineda
          Main: 503.373.4445
          Fax: 503.588.7928

        Honorable Tracy Prall, Courtroom 4A
Cindy Haddad
          Melissa Martinmaas
          Main: 503.588.5030
          Fax: 503.588.5109

        Honorable Cheryl Pellegrini, Courtroom 4C 
          Renee Brown
          Tammy Padua
          Main: 503.588.5028
          Fax: 503.588.5027       

        Honorable Vance Day, Courtroom 4D
          Tina Brown
          Brady Trujillo
          Main: 503.588.5026
          Fax: 503.588.5113 

       Honorable Susan Tripp, Courtroom 5A
          Laura Baker
          Wendy Biggs
          Main: 503.373.4361
          Fax: 503.589.3218

       Honorable Mary James, Courtroom 5B
         Jeanne Tolman
         Cindy Twiggs
         Main: 503.373.4303
         Fax: 503.373.4305

       Honorable Jamese Rhoades, Presiding Judge, Courtroom 5C 
          Mitzi Healy
          Matthew Sampson
          Main: 503.588.7950
          Fax: 503.588.5115

Marion County Circuit Court Annex, 4000 Aumsville Highway, Salem:

       Honorable Judge Abar, Courtroom B
         Cindy O'Neil
         Main: 503-588-8485
         Fax: 503-566-6933

Juvenile Court, 3030 Center St. NE, Salem:

        Honorable Lindsay Partridge 
Kandee Lindquist
          Monica Williamson
          Main: 503.566.2974
          Fax: 503.584.4816


Marion County Circuit Court
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12869
Salem, OR  97309

Physical Locations:
Marion County Courthouse
100 High St. NE    (MAP)
Salem, Oregon
Phone: 503.588.5105
Fax: 503.373.4360

Marion County Juvenile Department
3030 Center St. NE   (MAP)
Salem, Oregon

Marion County Circuit
Court Annex   (MAP)
4000 Aumsville Highway
Salem, Oregon