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Name Searches
Requests for Copies | Requests for Recordings


Name Searches 

The Marion County Circuit Court does not fulfill requests for name searches in OJIN. The court offers two public terminals in the Records lobby at the Marion County Courthouse. Those terminals can be used to perform Marion County and statewide name searches. Instructions are posted next to the terminals; staff will not complete the search for you.

Requests for Copies 

​Court records may be viewed without charge. Copies may be requested in person or by mail. Some records are confidential by law and are not available for viewing. 

We cannot take copy requests over the phone or take credit card payments over the phone.
The costs are as follows:
  • 25 cents per page;
  • $5.00 for a certified copy + per page copy charge; and
  • $10.00 for an exemplified copy + per page copy charge.

We are able to accept the following forms of payment: Credit or Debit card (Visa/ MasterCard only), Personal check, Cashier check, Money Order, or Cash. Please do not send cash in the mail!

Document Copies from Court Files - Requests via Mail
Records Request Form (pdf 57 KB)
The following information is required to process your request for copies via mail:
  • Case name and Circuit Court case number;
  • List of document(s) you want copied and whether certification and/or exemplification is requested and for which documents;
  • Check to cover the cost of copies, payable to the State of Oregon. If you do not know how many pages of copies there will be, you may leave the amount blank and indicate a “not to exceed” amount in the memo field. A suggestion is “Not to exceed $10” for simpler requests, or “Not to exceed $25” for more complex jobs.

Failure to include all the necessary information or payment may result in your request being returned to you. For mailing address details see Contact Information page. Please allow at least two weeks for copies to be mailed to you.

Requests for Audio Recordings 

As with transcripts, to receive a copy of the official audio record for cases other than criminal cases, one of the parties must have requested that the proceeding be recorded and paid a hearing/trial fee.
The recording you receive will be audio only (no video). If you have exceptional circumstances that require the video and audio, you must submit a written request to our Presiding Judge.

How do I request a copy of the official audio?

If you are NOT an attorney: To request the official audio recording you need to contact the Court Records section by mail, fax, phone or in person. Please note that you can only fax or phone in your request if you plan on picking up the recording in person. We cannot mail out requests taken over the phone or by fax. The court must receive payment at the time you submit your request. Before we will duplicate the recording, we must receive a signed copy of the Protective Order. The Protective Order must then be signed by the Presiding Judge. We will need a signed Protective Order for every audio recording request.
If you ARE an attorney: To request the official audio recording, you need to contact the Court Records section by mail, phone, fax or in person. The court must receive payment at the time you submit your request. Before we will duplicate the recording, we must receive an original signed copy of the Protective Order. Protective Order must then be signed by the Presiding Judge. You will only need to submit one Protective Order that we will keep on file for all of your subsequent requests. ** Please note that when you submit your first (and only) signed Protective Order, you must mail the original signed order with your request and payment OR you can pick up your request and deliver the signed order at that time.

What information do I need to provide?

You can complete our Audio Recording Request form or Juvenile Audio Request form or you can choose to create your own request that contains the following information.
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address (if you wish to have the recording mailed to you)
  • Case number
  • Case name
  • Date, time and location of the hearing/trial

What are the fees associated with this request?

The cost to obtain a recording is $10.00 per day for a hearing or trial. There is also an additional charge of $3.00 per disc if you would like the recording(s) mailed to you. These fees must be paid at the time you request the recording. The court accepts cash, check/money order (made payable to the State of Oregon) and/or card (Visa or MasterCard only).

What happens once my recording has been made?

If you pay the $3.00 mailing fee per disc, the court will mail your recording(s) to you. If you choose to pick-up the recording, the court will call you to notify you that the recording is ready. The court will not release the recording if we have not received a signed Protective Order. You do not need to return the recording to the court but you must abide by all stipulations set forth in the Protective Order that you have signed.

Marion County Circuit Court
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P.O. Box 12869
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Physical Locations:
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Fax: 503.373.4360

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