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Juvenile Court Improvement Program
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563

Phone: 503.986.5618
Fax: 503.986.5859
Oregon Relay Service-711


Juvenile Court Improvement Program

The Juvenile Court Improvement Program (JCIP) is a federally funded project to improve court practice in child abuse                
and neglect cases. The Chief Justice appoints an advisory committee to help the project define priority areas for

JCIP (“Jay-sip”) has a vision and 6 goals:


Raising the Profile and Priority of Child Abuse and Neglect Cases in Oregon

  • Children are, first and foremost, protected from abuse and neglect
  • Children have permanency and stability in their living situation
  • The continuity of family relationships and connections is preserved for children
  • Families have enhanced capacity to provide for their children's needs
  • Increase the number of local courts that have developed intergovernmental plans supporting permanency outcomes for children in foster care

To those ends, JCIP
  • designs and delivers education and training to juvenile court judges and justice system partners 
  • develops and advocates for legislation 
  • makes grants to local courts to improve their practices in child abuse and neglect cases 
  • publishes the Juvenile Court Dependency Benchbook, an electronic reference book for judges, court staff, and 
    juvenile justice system professionals 


JCIP Staff Contacts:

Leola McKenzie                      Juvenile Court Programs Director             503-986-5942
Pamela Abernethy                  Judge in Residence                                503-986-5422
Shary Mason                          Model Court / Training Analyst                503-731-3339
Megan Hassen                       Law & Policy Analyst                             503-986-6403
Angela Keffer​                        Management Assistant                           503-986-5618

Requests for Funding From JCIP

The purpose of the Juvenile Court Improvement Program (JCIP) mini-grant award program is to provide support for       
projects or activities that further statewide JCIP and local Model Court  Improvement goals.  JCIP has created a simple

funding request process, to access these funds.