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Juvenile Court Improvement Program
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563

Phone: 503.986.5618
Fax: 503.986.5859
Oregon Relay Service-711


Juvenile Court Improvement Program

The Juvenile Court Improvement Program (JCIP) is a federally funded project to improve court practice in child abuse and neglect cases. The Chief Justice appoints an advisory committee to help the project define priority areas for improvement. 

JCIP (“Jay-sip”) has a vision and 6 goals:


Raising the Profile and Priority of Child Abuse and Neglect Cases in Oregon

  • Children are, first and foremost, protected from abuse and neglect
  • Children have permanency and stability in their living situation
  • The continuity of family relationships and connections is preserved for children
  • Families have enhanced capacity to provide for their children's needs
  • Increase the number of local courts that have developed intergovernmental plans supporting permanency outcomes for children in foster care

To those ends, JCIP
  • designs and delivers education and training to juvenile court judges and justice system partners 
  • develops and advocates for legislation 
  • makes grants to local courts to improve their practices in child abuse and neglect cases 
  • publishes the Juvenile Court Dependency Benchbook, an electronic reference book for judges, court staff, and juvenile justice system professionals 


JCIP Staff Contacts:

Leola McKenzie                     JFCPD Director                                    503-986-5942
Pamela Abernethy                 Judge in Residence                               503-986-5422
Shary Mason                         Model Court / Training Analyst               503-731-3339
Megan Hassen                      Law & Policy Analyst                             503-986-6403

Conor Wall                            Data Analyst                                        503-986-5418

Angela Keffer​                        Management Assistant                          503-986-5618

Requests for Funding From JCIP

The purpose of the Juvenile Court Improvement Program (JCIP) mini-grant award program is to provide support for projects or activities that further statewide JCIP and local Model Court  Improvement goals.  JCIP has created a simple funding request process to access these funds.