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  • OJCIN OnLine allows you to view court case information from all 36 counties, Tax Court, and the appellate courts.  It allows you to search for civil, small claims, tax, domestic, and criminal (including misdemeanor and felony) cases.
  • Save time and resources by having this information at your fingertips in the convenience of your home or office.  Eliminate the need for telephone calls to the court site or court visits.
  • Case information is entered in a timely manner and OJCIN OnLine provides near real time access to the courts' database.

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Rates and Rate Changes

Pursuant to authority from 2014 House Bill 4066, the Chief Justice has established a process for notice and comment to establish fees for access to certain state court information systems, and has established a temporary fee schedule, effective April 1, 2014.  These fees incorporate and supercede previous OJCIN OnLine fees.

Minimum Requirements

• A current subscription to OJCIN Online
• A PC-compatible computer running Windows XP or higher
• An Internet Service Provider (ISP)
• One of the following web browsers: 
    ◦Internet Explorer 6 or higher
    ◦Firefox 3.0 or higher
    ◦Google Chrome
• Oracle's Java Runtime Environment