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OJD offers Statewide Forms (paper forms and interactive online forms), Local Circuit Court forms, forms found in Local Supplementary Rules, and Uniform Trial Court Rule forms. Go to the OJD Forms page to access the best OJD form required for your case.
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Paper forms

You may print and fill out the following forms. Once completed, the forms should be filed with the clerk at the Yamhill courthouse.

Change of Name
Adult Change of Name

Family Court Services - Statewide Forms

Statewide Family Law Forms
Family Abuse Prevention Act - Restraining Order information and forms
Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
Packet 1A Summary Dissolution

Packet 1B

Dissolution for Petitioners with Children

Packet 1C

Dissolution for Petitioners without Children

Packet 1BC

Supplemental Forms for Dissolution of Marriage

Packet 1D

Dissolution for Respondents with Children
Packet 1E Dissolution for Respondents without Children
Packet 1F Request for Waiver of 90-Day Waiting Period
Packet 9A Co-Petition with Children

Packet 9B

Co-Petition without Children
Legal Separation 
Packet 2A Separation for Petitioners with Children
Packet 2B Separation for Petitioners without Children
Packet 2AB Supplemental Forms for Separation
Packet 2C Separation for Respondents with Children
Packet 2D Separation for Respondents without Children
Packet 2E Convert Case to Dissolution (Prejudgment)
Packet 2F Convert Separation Judgment to Dissolution Judgment
Packet 2G Vacate/Modify Separation Judgment
Unmarried Parents - (establishing custody, parenting time and child support)

Packet 3A

Packet 3B Response
Packet 3AB Additional forms to be used with unmarried parents
  Packets 3A and 3B
Modification of Custody, Parenting Time and/or Child 

Packet 4A

Motion Requesting Modification

Packet 4B

Packet 4C Stipulation to Modify Parenting Time Order
Enforcement of Custody and Parenting Time Orders 
Packet 5A Parenting Time / Plan Enforcement (Oregon and Out-of-State Orders)
Packet 5B Custody (Oregon and Out-of-State Orders / Judgments)
Packet 5C Registration of Out-of-State Child Custody and Parenting Time Judgments

Packet 6A

Alternative Form of Service
Packet 6B Status Quo Order Application Packet
Packet 6C Status Quo Order; Request for Hearing
Packet 6D Waiver of Personal Service
Packet 6E Support Order Abstract (Repealed and Reserved)
Packet 6F Uniform Support Order
Packet 6G Waiver of Right to Stay Proceedings
Packet 6H Request for Mediation / Order
Packet 6I Request to Waive Mediation
Packet 6J Waiver of Further Appearance and Consent to Entry of Judgment
Packet 6K Local Family Law Practices Program
Packet 6L Forms for Family Law Cases
Packet 6M Certificate of Document Preparation
Child Support Guidelines and Work Sheets 
Correcting Clerical Error in Judgment and Amending Money Judgment / Money Award 
 Packet 12  Correcting Clerical Error in Judgment and Amending Money Judgment / Money Award
Governing Child Support Judgments 
Packet 14 Governing Child Support Judgments

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Probate Forms

Guardian's Report

Small Claim Forms

Plaintiff's Small Claim and Notice of Small Claim PDF  Interactive Form

Defendant's Small Claim Response  PDF Interactive Form
Small Claim Instructions