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Appellate Court Records Section
Supreme Court Building
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563

Phone: 503.986.5555
Fax: 503.986.5560


Notice:  New protocols for cases designated as subject to the
Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
VAWA prohibits states from making publicly available over the Internet any protection order information that identifies or discloses the location of the protected person.  Although VAWA cases remain available at the courthouse, as part of the statewide transition to an electronic court environment, OJD has updated its
remote access protocols for VAWA cases.  Specifically, OJD has identified certain court case types as
"VAWA cases" and is transitioning to a model where only certain online users, including OSB Members,
will be able to access those cases.  In appellate, this effort begins with new cases on appeal in the Court of
Appeals or on a petition for review in the Supreme Court created on or after August 1, 2014.
We have identified OSB Members who are employed by the Department of Justice and the Office of Public
Defense services, which comprise the majority of lawyers representing parties in appellate cases, and have
added those members to our system's new VAWA security group.  We also have added to the group those
OSB Members who, through previous agreement with the Oregon Judicial Department, are permitted to
access certain confidential cases.  All the users just mentioned should see no interruption in their remote
access to new appellate VAWA cases.
If you do not fall within one of those two groups and you require access to VAWA cases on appeal, please
submit a ticket to the Oregon Judicial Department Help Desk, as follows: 
            ●          Either by phone, (503) 986-5582; or email at
                        or to email your request click here.
                      Include your name, email address, and Oregon State Bar Number; and
                      Include a VAWA case access request.

Appellate Court Records Section

The Appellate Court Records Section (ACRS) serves as the case processing office for both the Oregon Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, and manages the records of all cases on appeal to both courts.  As such, the ACRS processes appeals of various case types, including civil and criminal cases, lawyer and judicial disciplinary cases, Oregon Tax Court cases, cases of original Supreme Court jurisdiction, ballot measure titles, and judicial review of most state administrative actions.  The ACRS is responsible for processing all documents filed in those courts, calendaring all oral arguments, distributing opinions and issuing appellate judgments.

In July of 2009, in addition to the conventional method of receiving documents, the ACRS began receiving and processing case documents and filing fees via a new electronic filing (eFiling) system, and has been working with our eFiling customers to help ensure a smooth transition for all involved.  We believe this state of the art technology will help reduce the cost of processing cases for both the eFiling customers and for the court.

The ACRS is located on the first floor of the Supreme Court Building, one block east of the State Capitol in Salem.